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About The Mod

- Full list of changes:
- Full list of changes [Mobile]:
- PvP server [EU]: steam://connect/
- PvP server [Chicago]: steam://connect/
- MvM server [EU]: steam://connect/
- Trusted Mods:
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- King:
- Trix:
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The King & Trix Balance Mod is a pack of server mods with the intent of creating a more stable and consistent balance across all 3 main types of TF2 play. For any balance change we implement we consider said 3 types of play as follows: Casual, Competitive and Mann vs Machine. We believe it’s important to consider all 3 modes of play here as despite the fact that Casual contains the majority as the other two modes are still very impact-full on TF2 as a whole and should be treated as such.


As mentioned above the main goal of the mod is to create a stable and consistent balance across the main 3 types of play, but with that comes several obstacles which need to be tackled. These obstacles are as follows:

  1. Minimise the banlist - To create a more varied competitive experience instead of maintaining a banlist we have been taking an approach of balancing each banned weapon, ridding the weapon of it’s problematic qualities while trying to keep it viable and interesting to use.
  2. Reworking fundamentally flawed weapons - At many points during this mods development we have come across many weapons which are simply problematic at their core, either being simply unusable due to extreme situational niches, being unmodifiable due to having an extremely shaky balance foundation or simply not providing any incentive to use it at all. In instances such as this, as a last effort we simply rework the weapon entirely, using what resources we have to create an entirely new weapon while maintaining a similar spirit as the original (if possible).
  3. Buffing underpowered weapons - Quite a large number of TF2s weapons can be considered either straight downgrades or too situational to be useful, as such it’s been a huge challenge to bring a lot of the infamously bad weapons up to a usable standard while not reworking them entirely.
  4. Fixing fundamental issues with classes as a whole - While rare, we have had to tackle the issue of some classes having issues at their core in terms of their potential or lack of potential in certain environments. These have been approached with extreme care and will continue to be in the extremely rare instance of it happening.


As this project is being worked on by only 2 individuals, we rely on third party input to help us understand the issues with certain weapons. Since January we’ve been in contact with a lot of veteran TF2 players from all different branches of the game to help us fill this requirement. Although more feedback helps us to gather more consistent data on which weapons require changes and which are simply a result of personal opinion or specific environmental inconsistencies. If you want to help in the mods development we appreciate all feedback that can be given in regards to either existing changes we have made or weapons we have yet to change. Feedback can easily be catalogued in our discord linked above and any feedback will be taken into account during the mods development. Feedback can also be posted here.

Supporting us

Simply put, this project has cost a lot of money since it’s development and will continue to do so. While we can afford to keep pushing new features and grow our infrastructure at a moderate pace, any extra money will help us to significantly speed up the mods development. Additional funds will allow us to purchase more made to design plugins and more servers in other locations at a faster pace. We will never pressure our users to donate and no in-game advantages will be provided to our donators. If you still want to support us but can’t donate, there are alternative ways you can help listed below:

  1. Feedback - as mentioned in the “Feedback” section, all insight you can provide us helps us provide you with a better, more balanced experience.
  2. Spread the word - If you like your experience on the KTBM servers, please tell your friends and spread the word. The more players, the better.
  3. Playing on our servers - As cliche as it sounds, simply playing on our servers is always appreciated.
We appreciate any support you can give and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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