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Full Version: Rules
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Here are our basic rules. Admins always have the final say!

Gameserver rules

- Respect all Players, don't be an asshole.
- Sexism, Racism, Transphobia, Homophobia is NOT tolerated! Any other form of harassment will not be tolerated as well!
- No Advertising of other Servers!
- Do not cause Drama.
- Mass reporting innocent players will be punished.
- Do not interrupt, over-speak or talk over people in voice. This is also enforced in the Discord Server.
- Keep Micspamming to a minimum.
- No Cheating.
- Do not purposefully exploit the game or plugins to give yourself an advantage or annoy other players.
- Anyone caught attempting to scam another player will result in a PERMANENT ban.

Discord rules

- Be considerate of the community and what you say - this includes sensitive topics. ie. Politics
- No NSFW or similar content except in memes
- No Insults / Harassment
- Repetitive spam-like content will be removed i.e caps
- Ensure your content is in the correct channel (memes, etc )
- No self-advertisement or other discord invite links
- No mass mentions ( tagging several users )
- 13+ Age requirement as outlined in Discord ToS

Forum rules

- Generally the same as the above.

-Not reading the rules does NOT protect you from being punished.

- Rules may change so check regularly.